Is Your House Haunted?

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Halloween is around the corner, Is Your House Haunted?


You’ve moved into a new house – new to you, anyway. It’s paradise – for three days. But then, you and your family become depressed, listless, without energy, and experience blinding headaches. Strange sounds begin coming from the attic and the basement. Awaking one night, you find a strange man sitting on your chest, and you’re paralyzed, unable to move or even scream. The house is obviously haunted. But then your brother-in-law visits and you tell him your story.

Your brother-in-law is no paranormal expert but he happens to be an HVAC man so he knows exactly what’s wrong. “It’s not ghosts,” he says. “You’re being slowly poisoned by carbon monoxide.”

The moral of our story? Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home! l Clean and inspect your home heating system, chimney and flue by a qualified technician each year. Keep chimneys clear of debris and residue to ensure proper ventilation. l Have your furnace, gas oven, range and cook top inspected for adequate ventilation yearly. l Hire an inspector to come out give your gas fireplace the once-over to ensure the pilot light burns safely. l Never leave your car, mower or other vehicle running in an attached garage, even with the door open. l Do not block or seal shut water heater, range or clothes dryer exhaust flues or ducts.